recycled jewelry

*Please note this service is temporarily closed*

So what is recycling jewelry all about anyway, you are asking?

Like other fashion items, costume jewelry goes in and out of season and isn’t built to last a lifetime. Women often find they have single earrings, broken necklaces, or unfashionable bracelets cluttering their lives. ecocessories™ takes in old or broken jewelry that is unwanted by you, but can serve as inspiration for my new eco-friendly designer jewelry.

ecocessories disassembles your recycled jewelry. Beads and vintage components are cleaned and sorted by colour in my studio. These beads are paired with new sterling silver to create high quality one-of-a-kind designer earrings, necklaces, and bracelets that you can feel both sustainable and gorgeous wearing.

Thank you for helping me in my mission to recycle jewelry; my goal is to reduce waste in this world and create a more sustainable lifestyle by reusing existing resources we already have.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why would someone choose to recycle jewelry with ecocessories

-    To support a Canadian artist.
-    As an alternative to taking jewelry to the thrift store.
-    To recycle broken jewelry that can’t be donated to the thrift store.

What does ecocessories accept?

- Any old, broken, and unwanted costume jewelry
- Beaded accessories
- Buttons
- Watches

Do you buy back valuable jewelry?

No. This is a recycling service. What you choose to recycle is completely at your own discretion!

Do you use all of the jewelry that is recycled with ecocessories?

I currently have a growing collection of recycled jewelry, beads, and vintage components. I use these recycled materials as the inspiration for my new ecocessories designs, which feature precious metals and recycled beads. 

There are of course some materials that I won't use that are recycled. These materials I am collecting for future artistic, and educational projects. I teach workshops and the students see inspiration in the materials sometimes differently than I do, which is what makes working with recycled materials exciting. Nothing goes to waste!