Exposing sterling silver jewelry to open air, smoke, humidity, and sunshine can cause it to tarnish. First, the silver will take on a golden hue that can eventually turn to black. Store your jewelry in a jewelry box, or in a resealable plastic bag. TIP: Put the small packages of Silica Gel that you receive with new shoes with your silver jewelry in its box, jewelry box, or baggie. The Silica Gel will absorb the moisture in the air, which keeps the tarnishing down.

Midnight SkyCleaning

If you store your jewelry properly, you will rarely need to clean it. If you wish to, polish your ecocessories™ jewelry using a clean 100% cotton cloth. An old, soft t-shirt works great as a polishing cloth, and it's a good way to recycle that worn out top! ecocessories also sells Sunshine Polishing Cloths - click here to purchase.

For deeper cleanings, mix a bit of baking soda or toothpaste with water and scrub the sterling silver with a soft toothbrush.

For a really deep clean, use this all natural trick in the kitchen to clean your sterling silver jewelry. Please note that this method is not recommended for silver jewelry with beads or stones, including ecocessories jewelry designs. Use at your own risk.

1. Line a pot on your stove with tin foil, shiny side up.

2. Fill the lined pot 3/4 of the way with water.

3. Bring the water to a boil.

4. Add baking soda - a couple healthy shakes of the box.

5. Dip your sterling silver jewelry. I usually use a pair of tweezers and dip one piece at a time. Keep the jewelry in for 5 minutes if it is completely sterling silver. If the piece has beads, or stones, use this technique at your own risk as the heat may cause glue to melt, beads to crack, or melt as well. Sometimes it works to quickly dip the piece so it isn't exposed to the heat too long, or just to dip the chain. The tarnish will be attracted away from the jewelry to the tin foil.

6. Rinse with cold clean water.

7. Pat dry, and voila! Your silver jewelry is returned to its original fabulousness.

However, if you wear your silver jewelry regularly, your body’s natural oils will help keep the tarnishing down and cleaning to a minimum!

100% Guaranteed

Every piece of ecocessories™ jewelry is 100% guaranteed. I am happy to do repairs over the life of your piece, if something goes wrong during its everyday wear or due to its craftsmanship. Simply mail me the piece of jewelry (you will be responsible for one way shipping), and it will be repaired and returned to you in a timely manner. Please note - this policy excludes cleaning - to remove tarnish, please follow the steps above, purchase a Sunshine Polishing Cloth, or contact me with any questions.