I'm Jessica Hill, the artist and designer behind ecocessories jewelry. In 2007, I graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario, and with a business degree under my belt I flew west to explore my soul and rediscover my artistic roots.

North Vancouver, B.C. became home, where I drew inspiration from the mountainous landscape, the delicious organic foods, and the Pacific ocean. A desire to launch a creative, eco-friendly business led to the idea for ecocessories - a company that recycles old, broken & unwanted jewelry to create new, high quality, eco-friendly designer jewelry. (Click here to recycle your jewelry now!)

In 2009 ecocessories started participating in artisan markets, including the Portobello West Fashion & Art Market, where Canadian fashionistas were introduced to the line of unique, eco-friendly jewelry. The Fall/Winter 2009 season welcomed the debut of ecocessories in stores, and to my excitement, my eco jewelry designs began to receive local & national media attention in the North Shore News, Vancouver Sun, Homemaker's Magazine, Breakfast Television and more.

ecocessories was introduced to Toronto in 2010 at the Green Living Show and around this time my heart began to long for family and friends in Ontario. In the summer of 2010, I celebrated my wedding to the man of my dreams, and together we decided to call Ontario home once more. ecocessories now operates from a quiet studio outside Toronto, Ontario, but jewelry designs can be found at boutiques from Vancouver to Montreal.

I've started specializing in custom redesign of your sentimental jewelry, and can work with you on a custom redesign of your mother's brooch, grandma's earrings, or any other piece that needs a new life, regardless of your geographic location. My rates for custom work are reasonable and depend on the designing and materials required for your project - contact me to discuss your custom jewelry ideas today!

ecocessories relies on the support of its customers, fans, and jewelry recyclers. As an independent designer, I can't thank my supporters enough! I'd love to connect with you too at an upcoming show, or find me on Facebook and Twitter.

Sustainably yours,
Jessica Hill

Are you interested in carrying ecocessories jewelry in your store? Contact me for wholesale purchase information.

Mission Statement

ecocessories™ is committed to reducing waste in the world and creating a more sustainable lifestyle by reusing existing resources. One-of-a-kind jewelry and accessories are hand crafted using recycled and fair trade materials. ecocessories™ participates in an overall mission to create a more harmonious planet by slowing down the consumption of resources and supporting fair trade business.