ecocessories - gallery

Afternoon Lunch Feather Earrings
Amber Earrings Pendant Necklace
Amethyst Trio Earrings
Antique Angels Bracelet
Antique Ocean Burst Pendant
Antique Ocean Circle Earrings
Antique Ocean Everyday Earrings
Antique Ocean Oval Pendant
April Flowers Necklace
Aquatic Dreams Ribbon Necklace
Arabian Desert Earrings
Aubergine Pearl Everyday Earrings

Collection of past jewelry designs sold by ecocessories. If something here inspires you, contact me to discuss a custom design.


“I personally own a small treasure chest of beautiful ecocessories jewelry, and in addition to wearing Jessica’s beautiful designs, I have found them to be much loved gifts for my fashion-forward friends.”

- Chelsea, North Vancouver, B.C.