Bessie - Victoria, B.C.

posted 2011 Jun by Jessica Hill

"I absolutely LOVE my feather earrings!!! They are just the right size, the colors are beautiful and I love how they are so light!"

I'm so happy to hear that you love 'em!

Ashala - Vancouver, B.C.

posted 2010 Dec by Jessica Hill

"While browsing I was immediately taken by the blue jay feather earrings. I bought the earrings as a gift to myself for my birthday - they just arrived and I love them! Thank you so much! Happy Birthday to me!"

You're welcome Ashala! We should all treat ourselves once in a while!

Susan - Surrey, B.C.

posted 2010 Dec by Jessica Hill

"The jewellery has arrived [and] it is gorgeous. I really like the pieces and you have put a lot of time in effort into them.  Thank you very much. I will be keeping my nieces items well boxed up until next August,  and I will be wearing mine at the earliest opportunity! 

Thank you again for making such beautiful pieces. They will be a family heirloom."

You're welcome Susan! This custom project was for three sets of jewelry for Susan's nieces in England, and a few pieces for herself, all make by reinventing old and broken necklaces with beads of sentimental value for Susan. It was such a fun, and meaningful, project to work on, and I can't wait to her what Susan's nieces think of their designs!

Karen - Qualicum Beach, B.C.

posted 2010 Apr by Jessica Reiss

"The bracelets are perfect - I can't tell you how pleased I am with them! I am so happy I came across your site and found out about ecocessories. I also really appreciate the personal touch of the handwritten note you included - just another one of those little touches you have added that mean so much and make me confident that ecocessories is committed not only to sustainability, quality and beauty, but also to providing excellent customer service."

Thank you Karen! You are right - I am very passionate about the quality of my products and committed to providing a great, easy, and convenient shop for my customers. Congrats on your upcoming wedding!

Lindsay - Lion's Head, Ont.

posted 2009 Dec by Jessica Reiss

“Hi Jessica, I just received my Moss Cushion Neck Cowl and Storm Cloud earrings! LOVE THEM!!!! You met my expectations… actually surpassed them because wearing them is so much better then just looking online! Thank you!

Have a wonderful season, and all the very best in 2010. I sure a future order is on store!"

You’re welcome Lindsay! Glad the order arrived safe and sound. Thank you for your kind words and for shopping at!

Chelsea - North Vancouver, B.C.

posted 2009 Nov by Jessica Reiss

“I personally own a small treasure chest of beautiful ecocessories jewelry, and in addition to wearing Jessica’s beautiful designs, I have found them to be much loved gifts for my fashion-forward friends.

I love the eco-consciousness and style that go into all of her one-of-a-kind pieces, so much so that Jessica is making all of my bridal jewelry and bride gifts! Thanks Jessica; I know that your handmade masterpieces will be treasured by the wearers forever."

Thank you Chelsea for your continued support! Your bridal jewelry is going to be so meaningful, beautiful & sustainable and it is a pleasure working with you.

Kristen - Markham, Ontario

posted 2009 Jul by Jessica Reiss

“As a frequent customer of ecocessories (I own two custom pieces, two necklaces and two sets of earrings!) I can vouch for the quality and beauty of each piece. I love that everything is unique, and I love that the beads are recycled.

It’s neat to buy a necklace and wonder what the beads were originally a part of. In addition, Jessica’s willingness to completely involve you in the design of custom pieces helps you really feel like a necklace is your own. I am thrilled with all of my ecocessories purchases and check the site frequently to see what’s new on the blog! Keep up the awesome work!"

Thanks Kristen! It means a lot to me when my pieces go to loving homes!

Irene - Sarnia, Ontario

posted 2009 Jun by Jessica Reiss

“I just received my new earrings from ecocessories and popped on my Tropical Cubes to celebrate another sunny spring day. I was looking for a simple but stylish design for every day wear and these are perfect. I can’t wait to try Metal Madness and Black Jack my other 2 choices. Thanks Jess Keep up the great work."

You’re welcome! I can’t wait to see how great they look on you!

Maggie - Langley, B.C.

posted 2009 May by Jessica Reiss

“I asked Jess if she could do a custom design for me after seeing a few pieces on her site. I liked different elements from each one and wanted them put together.

At the last minute after my boyfriend and I spoke we decided it would be nice to get a necklace that would signify our relationship. I’m not one who normally wears jewelery so I was looking for something really simple yet elegant.

Jess made a beautiful design and was kind in the fact that she was completely receptive to my last minute change of mind! She then worked with my boyfriend to get me the necklace on our anniversary. She helped make the day ever the more special! Thanks Jess!”

Jessica - Montreal, Quebec

posted 2009 Apr by Jessica Reiss

“I just saw your ad via Facebook and I had to check out your site. Being a long-time jewelery lover/obsessor, I have to say, I love your designs. They are very timeless but with a modern twist that adds unique individuality to each piece.

Definitely expect a package from me once I finally tackle my overflowing jewelery box. Best of luck on your retail expansion – I hope to see your work in Montreal someday!”

Kim - Sarnia, Ontario

posted 2009 Apr by Jessica Reiss

“I just received my new earrings! They are waaaay prettier than I could ever have imagined and they are just the perfect size too! The pics didn’t do them justice! Thanks so much! I am already eyeing up another pair on your site and the coupon I received with my order is just the icing on the cake!”

Joyce - Vancouver, B.C.

posted 2009 Apr by Jessica Reiss

“I realized last minute that I had to get a gift for my roommate’s going away party. She was leaving for Korea and I had no time to prepare anything. I called ecocessories and Jessica came to the rescue! I couldn’t be more thankful! She let me personally hand pick one of her amazing pieces, giving advice about skin tones and colour and, since I was so worried my room mate wouldn’t like what I picked, she comforted me by letting me know I could do an exchange later if necessary.

Then in front of my eyes she packaged the gift and even included a tag so I could write who it was from. I didn’t have to do any extra work! It was so perfect. Later, when my roommate saw her present she SCREAMED out of joy and surprise. She LOVED her necklace and put it on right away. She kept telling me how much she liked it and I kept telling her that it was one-of-a-kind and no one else in the world had her necklace! I couldn’t have been a more satisfied and happy gift-giver that night and I will always think of ecocessories for gift-giving occasions in the future.”

Shirley - Markham, Ontario

posted 2009 Apr by Jessica Reiss

“Once I heard about ecocessories, I couldn’t stop myself from constantly perusing the site and was more than excited to make my first purchase! I LOVED my pieces from ecocessories. I wore both my new necklace and earrings to work the next day and got numerous compliments on them and I was only too happy to tell everyone all about where I got them from!

Within a couple of weeks, I was back on the site, purchased two more necklaces, and look forward to being an ecocessories customer for life. I love ecocessories not only for their quality products, but also what the company stands for – I never thought I would ever find an environmentally and socially conscious jewelry!”

Karen - Toronto, Ontario

posted 2009 Feb by Jessica Reiss

“Ordering from the ecocessories website proved to be so simple and easy that I will definitely be making future purchases. The speediness of the delivery made it hard to believe that the products came from the other side of the country. I have received tons of compliments on my jewelry and neck cowl, which is why I don’t hesitate to advertise the source of my purchases.

It’s satisfying to know that I won’t run into anyone with the same jewelery as me, as well as the fact that they are eco-friendly. Wearing jewelery with a history makes it all that more interesting to respond to compliments that I have received. I frequent the website and will definitely be purchasing more from ecocessories in the future!”

Allison - St. Catharines, Ontario

posted 2009 Feb by Jessica Reiss

“I’m 100% satisfied with my recent purchases from ecocessories! Not only are the necklace and earrings that I purchased unique items, but the quality of these pieces are outstanding.

My purchases arrived within days of ordering off the ecocessories website and the whole process was hassle free – throughout the whole process, I felt that Jessica went the extra mile to make sure that I was happy with my purchase! I’m glad that I took the opportunity to check out the ecocessories website since I now know where I can always find sustainable, hand-crafted, Canadian-made jewelery that helps accentuate any outfit. I can’t wait to see what Jessica creates next!”

Mary - Guelph, Ontario

posted 2009 Feb by Jessica Reiss

“I can’t stop frequenting this site! With all the awesome products and cool enviro tips from the ecocessories blog and from website links, it is a great source for new ideas. When I saw the neck cowls, I couldn’t help myself from ordering one and once I did, it arrived across the country so quickly it didn’t even seem like an on-line purchase! I am so happy with my purchase and fully endorse ecocessories!”

Ashley - Peterborough, Ontario

posted 2008 Dec by Jessica Reiss

ecocessories made ordering custom jewelry from across the country a breeze. With a brief description of the person I was giving the jewelry to and what colours I wanted, Jessica was able to create the perfect gifts for my friends. Other friends and family who saw the jewelry loved it so much that I already put a Christmas order in. Thanks for helping me give the perfect gift!”

Alaina - Vancouver, B.C.

posted 2008 Dec by Jessica Reiss

“I’m so impressed by the work you’re doing. Your jewelry is stunning and your cause admirable. I’ve signed up for the email updates and that and am glad to support your cause and your work.”


“she knew this transition was not about becoming someone better, but about finally allowing herself to become who she’d always been.”
- amy rubin